Front offside wing

This is for the third ‘shark nose’ model. It has come from a ‘Pallas’ spec car, and so has holes where the Pallas trim has been fitted. Below is a summary of the state of the part, but this does not represent a full description of it’s state. This is a used part and over 40 years old and the points below give an indication of its condition. Please see photos.


Some exterior rust and paint bubbling in the area beneath the light pod hole. Underlying metal still seems sound. No obvious pin holes.

Thin strip between the light pod hole and indicator mounting point externally is sound.

Thin strip under the indicator housing hole also seems sound.

Looking at these areas from the inside, there is some surface rust but they look very serviceable.


Interior wheel arch looks tidy.

Outer wheel arch starting to show signs of rusting and paint bubbling but certainly not the worst I’ve seen. Paint stripping might reveal some pinholes.


Wing had an extending electric aerial fitted so has a drilled hole in its top surface. the aerial was also bolted to the base of the wing, so there is a less tidy hole in the bottom behind the wheel arch. (Not visible from outside and patchable anyway.)


In addition, the bottom area behind the wheel arch also has some pin holes. Might need patching on the inside with the standard patch, but might be salvageable without.


Front bracket for bolting the wing to the chassis is still in place but - as is quite common - is rusting through from the wheel side. Replacement mounting points available from the usual DS parts suppliers.

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