Andrew Brodie, RIP

We've just heard the sad news that Andrew Brodie, Citroen SM guru, passed away yesterday (30th August) of a heart attack. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

An obituary will be in the October Citroenian.

Andrew will be greatly missed

To all who knew Andrew Brodie - unfortunately I never did meet him, but I had been in constant email comms with him since May this year, as he was offering me regular help and comments to start the restoration - and supplying essential engine parts - for my ex-Middleton RHD SM (at the end of the Citroen world, in Malaysia). As an example, I would not have known how to approach the replacement of 2 liners in the cylinder block, had it not been for his recommended and simple procedure to give me the confidence to proceed, basically involving a blow torch, molegrips and determination....BTW it worked exactly as he described, no drama! He was ever willing to offer effective and no-compromise advice on engine issues (the extent of my restoration so far), and I will remain forever grateful to him that I managed to get this far at least, with his invaluable support.

As mentioned I received a number of engine spares from him, including a set of std big end shells - and there-in lies a small problem. He inadvertently sent me 13 half shells, so I have 1 spare. I was (still am) intending to return 1 half shell (as these are costly items), as soon as I have collected it from the workshop where the car is garaged. Can anyone please advise me how to address the package, as the mailing address may have changed following Andrew's death. At the moment I have his name and home address, is this still okay to use, does anyone know?

Best Regards to all, hope to keep you informed on the progress of this restoration (likely to be slow - even slower now) as I want to do it properly, and have no good local SM-savvy support to consult with here, just Citroen enthusiasts!.

Andy Drinkwater, Member 24518

Kuala Lumpur, 3 Sept 2016

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