Special car hire - for weddings, film sets & other special occasions

The Club maintains a database of pristine cars which current members have available for hire. These include iconic DS and 2CV models, as well as gleaming and cherished examples of most other Citroën models, spread across the UK.

Non members wishing to hire a special car for a family wedding, milestone birthday or anniversary, or to add that authentic touch to a film set can request model and contact details from the Club’s Membership Administrators on members@citroencarclub.org.uk.

If you are a current Club member with a pristine Citroën car you’re willing to hire out, why not list it on the Club’s database and help make someone’s special day a special highlight on your motoring calendar as well?

This is a great opportunity for non members to sample the typical camaraderie within the Club’s membership as well as the delights of bygone Citroën motoring style!

Please note that the Club cannot be held responsible for any occurrence arising out of any contract entered into between members and non members concerning the hire of any vehicle on the Club’s database. For example, it is up to individual members to negotiate what they consider to be a fair price for the hire period/distance travelled and to ensure adequate insurance cover in whatever circumstances.

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