C2Following 2002's launch of the C3 to replace the five-door Saxo, 2003 saw the launch of the C2.

Mechanically identical to the C3, the three-door C2 employed funkier styling intended to appeal to younger "urban" buyers, amongst whom the AX & Saxo had been so popular.

There was never a "full-fat" performance version, as there had been with the AX GT and Saxo VTR/VTS - there was a 1.6 16v VTS, but with only a small power increase to compensate for the considerably greater weight over the Saxo. However, the C2 saw considerably success in the "Super 1600" Junior World Rally Championship (JWRC), alongside Sebastian Loeb's domination of the main WRC in the Xsara and C4.

C2Never a great sales success, the C2 was quietly discontinued in 2010, and there is no immediate replacement to bridge the gap between C1 and C3.

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