Metropolis (2010)



Citroën is today revealing the style lines of Metropolis, a new concept car that pays homage to China’s extraordinary development. Metropolis will be on show at the French pavilion at the Shanghai World’s Fair from 1 May to 31 October 2010.

A sleek limousine with harmonious lines, Metropolis is a reference to the grandeur, avant--gardism and vitality of the country’s great megalopolises with their undeniable magnetic attraction. To better address the local needs in this full-growth market, the concept car was designed 100% by Citroën’s international design team based in Shanghai since 2008.

A true artistic creation, Metropolis resituates the codes of luxury and attraction in the Marque’s universe of Créative Technologie. Citroën’s history is studded with high-end vehicles that have made their mark on automotive progress over the last 90 years. World’s Fair visitors will thus be treated to an “automotive work of art”, one that fits in perfectly with the “Sensual City” theme of the French pavilion. Metropolis is the result of the highest creative standards and technological smarts, evidenced in the Hydractive suspension system and plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

The Shanghai World Fair is an opportunity for the brand to reassert its international character and show once again, after 20 years in China, the importance it gives to the needs and expectations of this market. China has become the world’s largest automotive market and Citroën’s second biggest market. The Marque enjoyed a record year in the country in 2009, with deliveries up by more than 57%.

Metropolis, the ultimate in luxury
With its three-volume body styling – essential in the Chinese market – Metropolis expresses a vision of creative and sophisticated luxury through its imposing stature (5.30 m long, 2 m wide and 1.40 m high), which also serves to reflect the ambition and scale of the country to which it pays homage.

The spectacular and muscular body styling is draped in a flowing robe in a subtle “Pearl Silk” hue, the intensity of
which changes according to the light to reveal generous curves and ultra-honed detailing.

Like a “Chinese vestal” such as Xian Nu, the styling language of Metropolis blends smooth surfaces, taut lines and sensual curves, together with special touches like the beautifully shaped front wing that emphasises the powerful, tapering silhouette.

Extending far back along the body, the chromed detailing on the upper part of the side windows serves to stretch the cabin lengthwise while safeguarding the intimacy of the rear passengers. The “origami” quarter-light appears to float in the air and, in a nod to the DS, also houses a light source.

The front end of Metropolis clearly expresses the store of power lurking behind the consummately wrought kite-shaped grille. The streamlined headlamps on either side have an imperious and steely regard, lending the whole a natural air of authority.


At the back, Metropolis artfully balances width and stability while boasting a taut and aerodynamic shape. The flowing lines are enhanced by the concave rear window combined with the shape of the boot, which features an active spoiler. The innovative “slatted boomerang” lights composed of layered segments add the crowning touch to the rear of the vehicle.

The interior design is inspired by fans and Chinese string instruments like the gu-zheng. In China, these are the
attributes of a cultivated and refined person. The cabin is made up of superposed strata, creating a setting in which luxury is expressed in a new, “orientalised” approach. Luxury onboard the concept car is of the expressive kind.

Metropolis combines grandeur, stability and refinement with creativity, technology and quality. These words accurately express a blend of Chinese and French sensibilities. And Citroën’s new concept car is an expression of China’s ambition.

Metropolis and avant-garde technology

Metropolis balances urban responsibility and driving pleasure with its plug-in hybrid drivetrain. And to get the most out of these on-road capabilities, it is also fitted with Hydractive suspension – a Citroën hallmark that meets expectations on ride comfort worldwide, and in China in particular. This system maintains a constant vehicle attitude for better aerodynamics and, hence, fewer CO2 emissions.

With its plug-in hybrid drivetrain, Metropolis can run in several modes:

  • full electric: at start-up, in town at low speeds and when decelerating, with an electric motor developing a continuous 55 bhp (40 kW) and peaking at 95 bhp (70 kW);
  • in thermal combustion mode: at steady speeds on roads and motorways when the engine achieves maximum efficiency, with a V6 2-litre petrol engine developing a continuous 272 bhp (200 kW) and 375 Nm.
  • with the two engines combined:
    • during acceleration for extra power (“overboost” function), with the car developing maximum power of 460 bhp (345 kW) and 430 Nm of torque.
    • in four-wheel drive mode for extra grip when needed.

The drivetrain combines driving pleasure, with impressive on-road performance, and environmental respect, with a considerable reduction of emissions. At 70 g/km, CO2 emissions are just one fifth those of a conventional drivetrain with equivalent performance (4-litre V8 engine).

This was achieved through:

  • optimisation of the petrol engine
  • a 7-speed, dual-clutch electronic gearbox
  • hybridisation
  • hybrid drivetrain operating strategies that work to continuously reduce CO2 emissions

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