Diesel Pumps

Côte D'Azur

I promised myself an A Series for a recent significant birthday and ultimately chose this lovely 1983 Dyane Côte D'Azur.

X Rally 7 April 2013 Burghley House

My new CX20 pallas

After a twenty year gap I have finally got another CX .  Cant believe I left it so long. Currently restoring it on a piece by piece basis as well as using it as my daily driver . Will update with more  photos  as progress continues......

My loves on four wheels...

My DS23 Pallas (1974)

Bought February 2013, this gallery will document the progress on my first DS.

Hazi M's 1970 DS

RHD South African Import 

Davids Citroens @ present & past.

citroen's past & present.
Problem is I don't have pictures of all I have owned, they where just cars so I didn't bother took a little while for the true addiction to come on.

Chesterton Oxon

We show the Citroën cars we have had as a family, culminating in my 1985 (registered in Sept 85) GSA and my Daughter's C3 Airdream.

the ultra prestige special edition

Cornish Gem!

The Fleet 2012

Kiwi Xantia

This gallery is about my current white Xantia VSX which I've owned for almost 18 months. It's an Australian spec 2,0 litre automatic VSX (yep, the hydractive II version) and I've enjoyed every minute of my custodianship of it, even the messy episodes.

Les's Gallery


Photos of my car.

Californicating your DS?

This was spotted by a friend today whilst on holiday in California!

ICCCR 2012

Taken from Tuesday 7th - Sunday 12th.

Phew! That's about it folks!


Summer 2012 Brittany

Pictures of Pennington

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