ProjectPallas Plus

Photos of the GSA PALLAS PLUS cars

Fearghal's Forum Photos

Fearghal's photos for forum reference.


DS23 efi, 1973 reg. CCA 140M

DS 23efi

DS23 efi, 1973 reg. CCA 140M

Engine Rebuild 2010/2011

Photos of Engine Rebuild 2010/2011 for 1973 D Special

For Sale 1962 DS19 Slough-built

My Citroens!

Photos of some of my cars!!

Hoegh London arrives at Fremantle

CX kenedy body kit?

Terenure Classic Car Show

The weekend after the All Ireland Citroen Car gathering was a classic car show at Terenure near Dublin City. Members of the CCC of UK were in attendance and I joined them with the Familiale.

Prestige turbo 1

Raid Arctique 2014

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Citroen CX the Dutch Citroen Club organised a re-enactment of the 1974 Arctic Circle to Paris drive.

Ami with led side lights

£5.99 per set including p+p.

Citroen 2CV side leds

LEDs available for all models of Citroens, please ask for details. If you require side light leds for a Citroen 2CV please call 01457 765995 or email They're £5.99 per set including P+P.

Dons DS21M right hand drive gallery

Pictues of my repairs and any helpful links that I find along the way

Citroen C15D Pak Horse made by Island Plastics on the IOW

This gallery has been created as I was unable to upload pictures to the AX/C15 Forum. The content is currently images of my Pak Horse after being damaged in an accident.


My 1980 GSA just prior to being sent away to be restored.

2014 National

Just a few photos from the National at Willow Brook

Midlands Rally 2014

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