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DS - Possible roof rack rubbers

Rubber feet found in the boot of a Ds at a scrapyard. also found were four brackets for DS roof bars. the rubber feet don't seem to be anything to do with the roof bar brackets.

citroen cx series 1 resto

It was time to bite the bullet, 13 years of being kept outside in unremitting scottish weather had resulted in a do or die situation with my series 1 cx, I'd used it as my daily for most of this time, I must be crazy. As is always the case, once the grinder gets going, the rust is worse than expected. Anyway, it wouldn't have lasted another year, mechanically ok and never without an MOT, but the bodywork was looking rough. On the plus side I now have a lock up and found my long lost leatherman in a pile of rust once I'd taken the front bumper off.

My 1992 Xm 2.1 sed manual

my gorgeous 1992 xm sed 

ZX 1.9D 1997 for Sale

Photo Gallery to accompany the Sale advert for ZX 1.9D 1997

My mats made bespoke for a GS

These are mats made up to my templates for my GS. If of interest PM me and I can let you have the details of the firm that did them. Not cheap but I am really pleased with the end product.

ABW 308L

1972 DS23ie Pallas (ex Spain) in Brun Scarabee (aka dung beetle brown) with tabac leather

Heater valve

DS at the Louwman Museum, Den Haag, Netherlands

Whilst the other French brands are admired more than Citroën at the Louwman, there is a DS in pole position in the collection

Strip down

1973 Citroen DS Super 5 - pictures at last!

DS Headlamp Housing Refurb

The DS headlamp housings were originally self coloured plastic.

Dx and DX2 Engine blocks showing oil pressure switch location where relevant

Pictures show an early DX engine block (without tapped hole for an oil pressure warning light) and the later (september 67 to August 68) DX block that did have the oil pressure light. This later DX block effectively became the block then used for the DX2 engine from september 69 onwards.


tonys pics

DS_CRC strip down

Later DS coil wiring for Richardsel

Circuit diagrams from one of the last version of the DS. taken from manual 814

1973 DSuper 5

This is my Citroën DSuper 5, first registered on March 27th 1973. She currently lives in France, where she is dry stored in a garage. She has had a donor engine replacement at some point so that she now has a 2 litre DY3 engine but with the high ratio 5-speed manual gearbox.

Saxo for sale

Citroen Saxo VTR for sale in very good condition

Routing of speedo cable

One - hopefully more photos showing how the speedo cable is routed on an LHD car

Ian's DS Speedo cable problem

These are photos to go with my post in the D-series forum

The photos seem to be displayed in reverse order to my post

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